More than 50% of online Indians have uploaded a video to YouTube

So says a global study on social media done by Universal McCann.

Results from the study indicate that Internet users in the US and Western Europe are passive participants on social media sites. Meanwhile, users from Asia and South America rank big on creating content on social media sites like blogs, social networks, video sharing etc.

While only 25% of US Internet users have uploaded a video to YouTube, 68% of Brazil’s Internet users have uploaded to video to YouTube.

Several other interesting highlights in the story here.

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  1. Although i have no reason at all to say so, but…(pure gut feeling), i think the figure is awfully exaggerated!

  2. Hey, thats abs bullshit. The no of Indians as seen with both alexa and comscore is not more than 500,000. How can u even publish such stupid comments in an otherwise wonderful blog

  3. guys, i agree with you about the india statistic — but the overall, generic observation – about social media creation happening in developing countries — i might buy it.

  4. I have been thinking about this seemingly impossible figure and here is my explanation. Let us say there are X million Indians online and X/2 million videos (Indian IP) on You Tube. I am wondering whether they meant this- for every 2 Indians online, there is one video on You tube- when they said 50 percent of online Indians have posted a video on You Tube.

  5. No.. I just came digest this piece of info. I have used internet for the past 9 years and I have never even thought of uploading a video on the internet. I don’t have any friend who has uploaded a video on the internet.. and I am a web developer.

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