VoiceTap connects you with experts to get answers

VoiceTap is a Noida based startup that hopes to connect knowledge seekers with knowledge experts.  As the fast-food content on the Internet grows, its becoming more and more difficult to search for relevant, precise, authoritative answers to your questions on Google. VoiceTap hopes to make it easier for those seeking answers to questions to connect with domain experts. They have two main channels for connecting users and experts – via mobile phone (dial a short code) and via Internet (google talk or using VOIP software).

Consider the following scenario which illustrates a use case for VoiceTap:

Let’s consider the situation of a student wants to give his GMAT and go for higher studies to an ivy league B-School in the US. His typical decision making process would be: Family, friends, extended friends of family, the internet and experts (who know all about what has to be done). While the first four are relatively easy to access – it’s usually very hard to get the final and probably the most crucial of the decision making blocks. That’s where we step in. The knowledge seeker uses Getafixx to reach out to authoritative experts related to his area of interest. Getafixx evaluates his requirements – and connects him to firstly to an expert who can help with the GMAT preparations (or guide him related to that). While preparing – he faces problems related to Maths. Again, Getafixx steps in – and allows him to interact with an expert who can solve that query.

Currently, they focus on five domains that they think are most important in the Indian context – education, career, money and health.  Anyone can ask a question and anyone can become an expert. They have a rating system in place to rate the experts, which will help surface the top experts on a given subject.

They were shortlisted in the top 100 Asia startups by Red Herring.

I think their idea has definite potential and on quite a few levels coincides with the concept behind Aardvark – although of course, Aardvark focuses only on your extended social graph.

I would suggest them to focus on a single niche as of now – education & career. Considering that they have several IIT graduates on the team, they can really carve out a loyal user base in this area. And the demand for education / career related counseling in the Indian market is always high. Once they evangelize this sector, they can start opening up other domains as well.

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  1. What exactly is their business model? Or do they have one? How much one has to pay to get expert guidance? If its free, experts will be of much lower quality, because a expert who doesnt understand cost of his own expertise is going to be a no expert at all!

  2. I fully agree with Ajit’s comments if it is free advice then its available all over the internet and that also for FREE !! But if one gets experts to give advice then it cannot be free or they could have a model to generate revenue through adverts for expert compensations.

    Remember experts are not available for free!! May be retired experts or professors who just want to be in touch of society can be available but how much they are current with their knowledge can be different question.

  3. There is some another startup that had the same or similar business model. I can’t recollect at this moment, but I think I read about it on this blog, or some other startup-themed blog.

  4. Pranav, thanks for featuring us. Actually just one of the founders is from IIT-Bombay. The rest of us are the normal kind. :)

    Ajit, in addition to individual experts, there are a number experts from different corporates registered on the platform. Both the categories of experts provide the knowledge seekers with unbiased advice. Consumers don’t have to pay anything to use this system. Our business model is centred around corporates. As far as the quality is concerned, I can just say this: add getafixx@voicetap.in to your Gtalk buddy list, say ‘Hi’, search for a particular topic and connect with an expert. Let us know how your experience was. We’re always on the lookout for feedback that can help us improve. :)

    VLSI Training Institute, fair point. And that is precisely the issue we’re trying to address. Search on the internet leads to a plethora of information – for one specific question, there’s hardly ever one link that will answer the question. You have to sift through tens of hundreds of links to find an answer to your question. What if you could just connect with an expert in real-time through voice or online chat who can give you a precise answer to a particular question? That’s the problem we’re trying to address.

    • Hi Arpit,
      I just saw your website today.Just a suggestion why don’t you put pictures of some of the experts on the front page of your website, its good to attract visitors.


    • Hi Arpit

      Its a great business model that you have, however i have mixed feeling about the model.

      1st one is that generally in INDIA everyone is a Docter for any problem which we may have.

      2nd one is that for all we know a model like this is to tap whats freely available and bridge two points one needs a solution other one needs a demand, so all in all its like NO Expert service as there is no professional certification of the experts.

      3rd one i see that your model is no where seen in the world so great you guys do get 1 point for being exclusive in the world.

      4th one is that hey being exclusive is not enough, how do you back up what people get from your website i mean is there a parameter or a threshold on what kind of free expert advice they get or is it like “take it its for free” if its the later one you will have to learn to maneuver your business strategies multiple times to keep this baby alive for long and ever.

      5.th one is boss we know IITs are great INDIAN pride yet its not a IIM which ofcourse is not needed with the domains you focus on which are : education, career, money and health hey you know for good almost a dozen of people looking at this selection would have said great and also said sad bcz its like you are totally looking at making big bucks being in the volume segment which is not bad to make money yet to even imagine that lets say a brand for health care and a brand for banking and a brand for education and a brand for carrer choice and things are over here where is the niche value addition to the society ? i mean if you guys are young and wise you would know that “info edge” is already into this model i am sharing something which they have posted on their website

      : Info Edge is India’s premier on-line classifieds company in recruitment, matrimony, real estate and education. The company has a bouquet of websites and associated businesses in each of these segments.

      apart from teh above mentioned shisksha.com & policy bazar are there to take your biggest share from you guys thats if you are running the same race like them and believe me they are big as in really big to be considered no one in the INDIAN Market.

      So my humble advice is choose your moves very carefully and make your website the world’s best & unique website which has real humans helping other humans and then there are your IIT team members to put technology to work with smart subject matter experts & bring the bafoon Down whos charging for free data that he gets from job seekers on his website and charges 1 rupee or more for each resume accessed for one time in a period of 3 months and if the same resume is accessed again he charges 1 rupee again to have this data stored on his servers now i call this move a pure mean move where you get to make money yet you kill your own customers somewhere in long run as the market gets more competitive day by day and the cost of raw materials hikes up the finished products rates and hence there are less customers in the end of such a cycle of business model.

      other than the above mentioned things if you see there is no great deal with what infoedge has apart from being there plainly working with their marketing and branding teams to up their sales and build just “OK OK ” products.

      To end my comments i would say you really have to add a lot of value as the market needs value for time & value for money.

  5. Hi Rajat, thanks for the suggestion. Will look into it.

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  7. It looks very similar to Aardvark, why copy? I think they have to pay experts to answer questions, I am not sure if any expert will work for free.

  8. I think it all depends on the question one has. If it is a very general one, I’ll probably prefer the internet.

    However, for every question that demands in-depth knowledge of a special topic (legal advices and so on..) I would use a premium service and pay for it.

    @ Arpit, maybe a “how it works” button would add a certain value for new visitors.

    One more question: whats your pricing strategy? What do you offer experts for their service?


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  11. Guys hope you all know about the open source world where you got codes and application and softwares for free. So there are some people who love to share their knowledge. I am a individual experts in Voicetap and one day some body ask me a question related to mysql and I helped him out that also help me to brush up my knowledge plus i have also spoken with a doctor in voicetap platform who suggestion help me a lot. So I believe the service is gr8.

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  13. i think this VoiceTap connects you with experts to get answers

    is a awsome and great idea to solve problems and clear doubts from minds easily

    and we can have a clear view by talk with experts and we can gain believe in that words


  14. Experts never get time to give free advice ..i agreed with VLSI Training Institute ..

  15. The choice of domains looks good. The business model is not very clear though and it remains to be seen how it works out. Good luck to them !

  16. Voicetap seems to be a new technology and I think there will be many such competitors on the way. Thanks Arpit for giving new concept and Pranav, for featuring this.

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  19. I agree with this Ajay comment regarding the voice tapped connections with the people who are having strong knowledge on this process.

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  23. It’s quite clever how they get their revenue from corporate partners. I wonder if we’ll see them expand internationally, I suppose it all depends on if it’s a success.

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  33. What exactly is their business model? Or do they have one? How much one has to pay to get expert guidance?

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  35. Voicetap is the worst company ever they just knows how to harass and exploit its employees

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