Social investing startup MoneyVidya kicks ass

moneyvidya_logoMoneyVidya is an awesome new startup in the Indian social stock picking market.  Once you sign up for the service, you start picking stocks and build your virtual portfolio (No real money is involved – duh !!). You can pick stocks based on the stock trend and also factor in member ratings and sentiment. Based on how your portfolio performs and how many top performing stocks you picked, you earn karma points – or a member rating.

As per Gaurav, founder & CEO, their member rating system is uniquely tailored to track performance of the investment advice over a period of time in terms of return & risk (example – if I pick buy RIL for 2 months, the rating system takes into account return-risk over this 2 month period). Higher member ratings of course gives you bragging rights and respect.


Some really great features of the site:

* Very user friendly UI & navigation and incredibly easy to add stock picks

* Easily accessible info on the site about stock research, stock comparison, stock performance etc.

* Tonnes of features to interact with the community – you can write your own blog, ask questions, discuss in the forums, start a poll etc.

They seem to have covered pretty much all the features that you’d seek out in a social investing site.  Not bad for an app that’s still in alpha.

One of the main suggestions I have for them is to make the post-registration process a bit more streamlined. Ask a lot of profile related questions (I know users have option to skip the steps) and it may deter some users from completing the registration.

Markethero is another competing startup, but overall, I think MoneyVidya packs quite a punch in terms of features, content and user friendliness.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. nice design. strong team, great idea. Interesting to see how they execute in near future.


  2. One exciting startup……will be interested to know How they make money…..

  3. probably by the same approach that covestor or similar US based sites do — charge a subscription for users to follow the high rated members.

    but of course, all that comes later…they need to get user adoption first..

  4. Thanks for the great write up, and the suggestion regarding profile completion. We’re currently collecting feedback on the UI and feature set for the next release and will definitely keep this in mind.

    @pranav, the covestor model is one of a few options we’re considering but you are 100% correct, user adoption is our first priority.

    Thanks guys

    PS – The CEO’s name is actually Gautam but don’t worry we all call him Gaurav anyway :)

  5. MV sure kicks ass and quality ass at that.It is strikingly diff from all the Stock Picking Sites floating with lot of users but less or no quality when it comes to discussions and anaylsis.
    I have been active on quite a few similar websites and i am sure MV is here to stay!!Way to Go

  6. Nice site indeed! Good to see an Indian start-up with an eye for design and performance. :)

    One of the best things I liked about MV is that has no Flash elements at all !! (Unlike another start-up I recently came across… – shattered to see the kind/volume of Flash animation being used there..) This site seems to built on a flexible and lighter CSS technology with a healthy mix of other popular web tools and technologies elements… full marks to the designers and the technical architects… :)

    Overall… a feature rich, eye pleasing, performance oriented and a fun to surf site with a lot of promise and attitude (the good one, that is!).

    Surely on my watch list… wishing the MV team all the very best. Keep up the good start guys… :)

    - Vishal

  7. moneyvidya is good platform for analysts and investors who want to subscribe to analysts

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