Rhydhun – the killer service for Indian music

The online Indian music streaming market has been dominated by two players – Raaga and MusicIndiaOnline. Being a huge music buff, I’ve tried both at some point of time or another. And the listening experience has always been sub-optimal thanks to the poor sound quality, annoying pop-ups and such.

And after trying out Rhydhun, I can hardly contain my excitement. Very rarely do I go this excited while reviewing a website – product.

What is Rhydhun ?

rhydhun-logo.JPGRhydhun is a desktop client you install on your system. Sign up for an account on their website and once you’ve installed the client, login and get instant access to a musical bonanza – about 107, 160 music tracks and 12,929 albums. The sound quality is at par with that of a CD. After testing it for several hours, I’m yet to see any hitch in the performance or the listening experience. I could very easily search for music titles and soundtracks and filter the results via genres, singers, music directors etc. The usage and feel of the desktop client is very similar to the iTunes client. Everything without the annoying pop-ups or being forced to install the latest Real player version.


The music library is pretty large and diverse as well – they have a pretty good collection of Hindi, regional and classical music (probably same as the MusicIndiaOnline library – read below for their association).

As per their website, Anand Aiyer, the founder is also behind MusicIndiaOnline. And the Rhydhun jukebox does appear on the MusicIndiaOnline website as well. I’ve asked Anand to elaborate on how Rhydhun fits into MusicIndiaOnline. Also, how they plan to monetize this effort – either via a monthly paid subscription or launching an e-store later down the line (they’re not charging nor using ads at this moment). As an aside, I wouldnt mind being a paid subscriber for such a service at all.

The one feature I’d request from Rhydhun is the ability to bookmark and save my playlists. So, if I access Rhydhun from a different system, I can easily retrieve my playlists and bookmarked songs. Briefly put, the ability to sync my playlists across different systems.

Go ahead and apply for a beta on their site. Give it a spin – you sure wont be disappointed. For the music fanatics amongst you, it may very well become one of the must-have apps you really cant live without.

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  1. Have you tried Dhingana (http://www.dhingana.com)

  2. Hmmm !! But, this isn’t a killer if you have tried http://www.hummaa.com. That website is smashing with great features on playlist, having your customized web url, like http://mystica.hummaa.com and the best part the quality of streaming is just like that of a CD quality. the Musicindiaonline’s or the Raaga’s are old generation sites which were pirates and being caught by the music IPRS society and made legal offlate. Hummaa is a web 2.0 product developed by Ex-Yahoo India employees. Check that out. You will become another testimony that technology is the head turner, not mere content alone (pirated)!

  3. i second dhingana.com. that seriously rocks.

  4. @Hemant,

    Yes — Dhingana is good – probably one of the better web based Indian music site. I’ve used it for some time. However, I have to admit, the sound quality / listening experience on Rhydhun is better.


  5. dhingana is too good…does not require download…wonderful such and features

  6. Been using Rhydhun and as a previous user of dhingana and other online sites, Rhydhun is far better, in features, in sound quality, in ease of use, everything.