Motvik – convert your mobile phone camera to a laptop webcam

This is the best part of blogging. You get to network with people you normally wouldnt run into and in the process, uncover great new startups.

Thiyagarajan (aka Rajan) is a Bangalore based entrepreneur and founder of Motvik (I landed up on his site from his comment here).  Their product, Webcam Whereever I go (WWIGO, pronounced ‘vigo’), is in private alpha testing.  The concept is very innovative and quite possibly disruptive. Install the WWIGO application on your mobile phone, connect the phone to your laptop and voila – your mobile phone is instantly transformed into a webcam.  Any PC application that can possibly make use of a webcam can leverage the WWIGO app.  You can also save the video and upload it to any of the video sharing sites (or use it as needed).  The beauty of the application is that you can also leverage the bluetooth capabilities of your phone. So, no longer do you need to carry the laptop and the webcam if you want to capture something a few feet / meters away.  Just carry your mobile phone and keep shooting.  The furthest distance you can go to is only constrained by the bluetooth coverage of your phone.  Currently, they mainly support Nokia phones, but it seems support for other phones is in the works.

As fancy / multimedia phones keep getting more affordable and laptop shipments on the rise, the potential of this app would only continue to soar.

Kamla Bhatt previewed WWIGO and has uploaded a couple of videos here.

So go ahead, request an alpha invite and you can chat up with your buddy over webcam while sipping a latte at Cafe Coffee Day.

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  1. WWIGO is just another clone of Mobiola Web Camera by Warelex.

  2. Please check for similar and very popular Mobiola Web Camera application, released almost two years ago with greater device base including S60 3rd Edition and UIQ phones, supporting Skype, YouTube and many other applications as well.

  3. But alpha version [ working good] of Motvik is free,
    good job boys

  4. But Mobiola has Bluetooth and USB version for Symbian S60, UIQ2 and UIQ3 and J2ME version.

  5. Bt its not working in nokia 6233 (as it belongs to s40) so anyone know abt dat..pls i really need dat..

  6. rupesh,

    please contact the service provider, motvik directly.

  7. Mobiola Webcam (Warelex)- Paidware/Free trial only works for 1 week.
    WWIGO (Motvik) – Freeware, but only supports Nokia phones.

    Is there any other freeware software, you can recommend which works for J2me phones or specifically Sony Ericsson phones?

    Thank you for sharing above info. & appreciate your help.

  8. i find a free soft sewebcam.

    it connect my k550i mobile to pc
    it shows error
    mobile directory not found
    can any one help me

  9. how can we download motvik “mobile convert into web cam “?
    when we can download so it can tell me >> give ur’s username id & password

  10. wooooooo very good programe

  11. i have a sony cybershot mobile model can i convert it it a web cam pls tell me

  12. i want some information n73 music addition phone
    i current i have n72 but its not a good phone

  13. i have a nokia 6500 slide, how can i convert it in a laptop webcam plz tell me.

  14. wether i can convert my mobile phone camera of Samsung E250 in to web cam. if yes which saftware to use .

  15. guys great ” good application” , Can I Use HTC P3400i camera as web camera …..Please advice.

  16. i hv motoming phone cn i use it as webcam
    iFf ny1 giv me hw it work i w’l give him the name of best hacking site even

  17. whether i can convert my mobile phone camera of Samsung E250 in to web cam

  18. i can convert my mobile phone camera of Sony Ericssion k510I in to web cam. plz tell me which software to use .

  19. can you use a samsung E250 as a web cam?