What would be your single biggest advice to fresh college graduates in India ?

Given today’s extraordinary economic circumstances and the resulting bleak job market, what should fresh Indian college graduates do ? Seek a professional job and stay put or venture out on their own ?

Whatever little interest they might have in entrepreneurship is sure to be tested by today’s turbulent times.

In an effort to seek out different opinions, I contacted several successful entrepreneurs to see what advice they had to offer. Below are some of the responses I received:

Rajesh Jain from Emergic:

The thing which holds us back from doing many things is the FEAR of FAILURE. So, ask yourself: what would you if you were not afraid ?

Sanjeev Bikhchandani from Naukri:

Get some work experience before you start your own company. Learn in a bigger better organization first.

Faisal Farooqui from Mouthshut:

My single biggest advice to college grads would be to work on their communication skills and ability to work in a team.
If this is worked upon, everything else will fall in place.

Sramana Mitra:

Sramana is vocal about entrepreneurship as a viable career option for folks graduating in today’s market.

I’m not in the same league as the folks above, so I’ll refrain from adding my own input. However, there’s one advice from Chris Wanstrath (GitHub co-founder) that I really liked. I quote him below:

Do whatever you want.
Don’t take VC because Twitter did. Don’t piss off investors because 37signals likes to. Do whatever you want, whatever works best for you, what makes you the most comfortable and seems like the best idea. Do what you love.

It has always been my experience that the more people you ask advice the more confused you become. And that’s not just constrained to career advice, but even otherwise.  Every individual you ask will offer their own perspective, which has been formed based on their circumstances, their experiences and their personality. The more perspectives you seek out, the more conflicting suggestions you will get, confusing you even more. In the end – do what your gut feeling says.

What do you think ? If you were to advise fresh college graduates, what would your advice to them be ?

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  1. Be remain single :)

  2. Sounds funny, but so true..

    hope my wife doesnt read this ;-)

  3. Dont fake your resume’ …..

    it takes one minute to find out…

  4. I am 100% agreed with Chris..Do whatever you want. Because you can never blame others for what they have advised to you as it is your life and future and you should think about it yourself. Although some good advice is always useful but still its you and your decisions which matters in a long run.

    The best thing I follows is ” Whatever you do, Do it excellent.”

  5. satyarup siddhanta

    If you already have a product plan… which is robust… go ahead with it… whether you are a fresher or experienced doesnt count …

    but if your first thought is to become an enterpreneur no matter in what way… and you dont know in which way you want to become one or you dont have any area in your mind to venture for, its always better to gain some experience wherein you can have a better understanding on various areas,. Moreover you will tend to meet a lot many people and you will be able to identify many many areas, areas less ventured .

  6. My advice will be go for a Job and whenever you have your first customer, then go for your own venture. Its very important to secure funds or customer before starting.

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