IT still remains preferred career choice for Indian engineering graduates

With 43% of votes, Information Technology still remains the preferred career choice for Indian engineering graduates of the class of 2010, as per a survey by Nielsen.

IT is followed by automobile, telecom, energy – oil & gas, infrastructure/real-estate and power sectors.

Some additional interesting tidbits from the survey:

  • Ratan Tata is the most popular role model for the 2010 graduating class
  • Students perceive nanotechnology (12%), IT services (11%), Power (9%), oil & gas (8%), telecom (6%) as the top 5 ‘industries of the future’
  • IIT students consider energy/oil & gas, nanotechnology and finance as the top ‘industries of the future’
  • half of the 2010 graduating class intend to move out of their first job in the first 3 years
  • 51% cite higher studies as reason for leaving their first job
  • 69% of the 51% intending to leave their first job for higher studies intend to do an MBA
  • Students are willing to continue with their employer if they employer pays well (39%), they have a good job satisfaction (34%), if they have a good work environment (32%)

You might wonder why this survey even deserves a post.

In my opinion, this survey is important because it gives a very good background on what factors graduates weigh in while looking for a job, while leaving a job etc. Not to mention that entrepreneurship doesnt even figure as a career option anywhere in the survey. The fresh graduating class is where we actually need to sow the seeds for entrepreneurship – that is the best time when they can afford to take risks as entrepreneurs. When such a high percentage of students sees an IT + MBA as the holy grail, there needs to be a means to show the benefits that they might get from being a hands on entrepreneur instead of attending a b-school. Last, but not the least, this data will also be helpful to startups to attract and retain talent.

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  1. +MBA ?

    We are forgetting that over 95% of the people, whether IT grads or not, need “security”, “stability”, “guaranteed pay cheque” and all that. Add to it, the kind of lifestyle they mostly live and those fat loan installments!

    Also, an MBA from a high-profile is the only respectable MBA. Even this is arguable because not all IIM-A b-grads are that worthy. And most of these people who leave IT for MBA goto 2nd or 3rd rate MBA “Management Colleges” which we never heard before.

    For these guys, MBA is just an additional qualification like B.E. or B. Tech that keeps them ahead of the “other” candidates at the interview.

    Not all MBA is magic, some is black magic :D

    A few people boast of doube MBA, but when you ask them the college, some never-heard name crops up :D

  2. Indian job & education scene is vastly different from the US. Graduates from second grade colleges are considered no better than 12th class passouts. Whereas in developed countries students can hope to get work straight out of school or polytechnics. In India, an MBA is a must to even get your Resume screened for interview. If only employers become more open about hiring graduates, students can take more risks.

    Of course it can be argued that too many students rushing for MBA provides enough supply of fresh MBAs every year due to which employers are not willing to hire plain graduates.

    Another important point to be noted is that US is a highly flexible and open culture. People from all sorts of educational backgrounds can do a particular job. In India, try securing an IT job with a commerce/arts background. Even if you were top of the class and have all important IT certifications from the likes of GNIIT and Aptech, you will have a hard time getting a mediocre job.

    Indians surely have the talent and the guts to take risks, but risks are just too much in our country.

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