Evoma, Bangalore based startup incubator

Operational headaches are a big pain factor for any startup.

Evoma, a Bangalore based startup incubator that provides one-stop shop services for new business startups, aims to make life easy for business startups by allowing them to focus on their core business competency and offloading their operational headache. In their own words, Evoma provides optimum business environments – ‘business biospheres’ – that are fully equipped to sustain and grow your company in its early days planted in new soil.

Evoma business incubation services include:

  • business hotels and offices
  • business supervisors
  • operational and support staff
  • video conferencing services
  • Wi-fi and broadband connectivity
  • Recruitment, payroll, security and restaurant – cafe services

Their goal is to provide these business incubation services to local Indian startups at a heavily discounted (in some cases free) prices.

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  1. can u please tell me about incubator in bangalore…

  2. Dear Founder of startupdunia,
    Where do you get such wonderful information from?
    Vikas Shah