Seventymm acquires MadHouse

Business Standard reports that Seventymm has acquired 100 % stake of Delhi based Madhouse for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition does seem to bolster Seventymm’s presence in the northern region. With other heavy weights like Reliance ADAG, Nimbus etc. planning to enter the online DVD rental market, its a good time for Seventymm to reinforce its leading position.

See here for my comparison of the online DVD rental players in India.

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One comment

  1. The dvd rental industry and home video industry are still very nascent. Deals between online rental companies sounds good but does not affect the masses. Its like the US and Russia discussing ICBM shields over their respective territories in preparation FOR THE ONE FATEFUL DAY ;-) , WHEN THE REAL GROUND WAR IS HAPPENING IN Iraq and other parts of the world.

    When it comes to movie rentals, lets get real – the commerce of the rental market is IN the market – through stores, shops, vendors, the phone and the like (online perhaps?). This deal might sound like a lot, but its really a case of runners in tracks 7 and 8 in a race declaring themselves as no 1, when the real race is being run elsewhere.

    As for the BIG BOYS, lets not forget that everything is BIG!!! – starting with the noise they make in the mkt place without really doing anything as yet, the BIG rollout which could be flawed by newbie mistakes (it is after all a new business for them) multiplied by the no. of locations (adds to a BIG learning cost). I think its the low key oerators with multiple customer addressal models who will win in this one.. Their learning has been SLOW AND STEADY! Perhaps a BIG company will do well to learn from the tried and tested..